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How many times have you ever had to create a report for some client, for yourself or simply as a trace of what your frontend exhibits?

It is certainly a tedious operation, especially when what we have to show are data already in possession of our dear frontend and we don’t want to create an ad hoc service through the backend.

For this reason, therefore, in this article we will create a basic frontend in React and generate a pdf report without the help of any backend service.

Are you ready? Follow me step by step and at the end…

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Anyone who has been interviewed for a web developer position knows they might find the picky examiner asking for detailed theoretical questions related to Javascript.

Usually, in those moments I say to myself: “But do I really need to remember the precise name of a function that I will never use in JavaScript just to prepare for this interview?”

However, today we are neither talking about theory, nor about anything particularly hidden in the MDN web docs.

Today, we will talk about generator functions, a powerful alternative to iterators that provide a set of tools to make our code perform…

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Cherry season is coming soon and that’s why, today, I decided to tell you about a really powerful Git command that can simplify your work on large and small projects.

I’m talking about the command: $ git cherry-pick

For those who don’t know what Git was, I refer you to the official guide to discover the potential of this now-famous “versioning control” tool.

If, on the other hand, you are not a big fan of cherries, my advice is to make an exception to the rule.

Let’s start!

The git cherry-pick command allows you to select a commit by reference and add…

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Nowadays, it is impossible to escape emojis. We are surrounded by smilies that express our feelings or have the sole purpose of shortening our sentences.

Whether you are laughing 😂 or whether the message that you received leaves you scandalized 😱, you have been able to express these emotions by adding what we call emoticons.

For this reason then, in this article, we will see how to add these nice emoticons to our Angular project.

Preparing our environment

Creating projects, generating application and library code, performing tasks such as testing, building, and deployment depends on the Angular CLI.

To install the Angular CLI…

Mark Zuckerberg

That this was a particular year, full of sacrifices and full of unforeseen events, someone for sure has told to Mark in case he didn’t notice.
In fact, although the number of unemployed people with this pandemic has increased in America, Facebook’s number one has seen its portfolio increase to 104 billion dollars, becoming the third richest man in the world, in part thanks to this pandemic.
Completing the podium in second place there’s Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft with 120 billion dollars) and Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon with 190 billion dollars) as first.

But concretely, apart from increasing…

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In everyday life, problems often arise from choice. The more chances we have to run an activity, the harder it will be to choose. This also happens in development, and today more than ever we have many tools that allow us to achieve the same results in different ways.

Today we quickly explain when and why to use dependency injection on Angular over static classes.

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection (DI) is an important application design pattern. Angular has its own DI framework.

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“We’ve heard good Angular things come on 11/11”.

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Today, users are increasingly demanding and attentive to the UI and UX of an application. This is mainly due to so much competition on the market as the user knows exactly how far technology can go today.

For this reason, it is important to offer the user not only an application that is functional to the purposes for which it was designed, but that the latter is also captivating to the user’s eye.

Therefore, the first business card that a site or application offers is the access screen and the way in which it loads the necessary data.

We are…

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Whether it is an application for personal purposes, a todo list, a calendar app or something more professional, knowing how to deploy an application is one of the most important operations with which, during the development process, we will have to come across.

In fact, through this process, it is possible to see finalized our work and be able to access it whenever we want and from where we want, not only on our local machine.

Therefore, in this article we will see how to deploy an Angular application on Heroku in a few minutes, thus being able to access…

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QR Code today is no longer such a mysterious tool. In fact, more and more bars or restaurants are displaying their menu by scanning this code or the many advertisements present in stations or airports.

Telling the truth, this tool is nothing more than the direct consequence of the time we now spend on mobile phones.
It’s easier for a person to forget their documents at home than their mobile phone. And this is why, being able to be greener by saving paper, technology comes to our aid with these codes.


I took it for granted but it is…


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